Concept Showcase

If your business has developed an exciting concept and you’re just dying to tell your customers about it, we can help you to capture it in it’s full glory using images, video and digital discovery.

Brand Exposure

Don’t let your business be your industry’s best kept secret. If you want more exposure for your business and more customers to know that you’re out there, Flashbuzz can help you.

There was this feeling I used to get, and still do, when I had a good idea that I knew would help someone. It travelled from my brain all the way down my spine, putting an instant smile on my face. I called this feeling a ‘Flashbuzz’.

Rob Hutt

Founder & Head of Creative

It’s time to fly people.

You know that your business is kick-ass right? Well so does Flashbuzz. We can help to shape some of the ideas that have the potential to transform your business and exceed even your own expectations.

Flashbuzz is a full creative agency with a highly skilled team of creatives and a wealth of experience working for both start-ups and well established brands.

Pay as you go vs Retainer

Flashbuzz has a range of flexible pay as you go or retainer options to suit every project and business budget. Once we know what your project objectives are we can advise on the most cost effective option to deliver it.

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The only thing we love more than working with our business customers is working with the lovely people that run them.


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