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Social Media Services in Banbury

Replace your daily stock images on social media with micro videos

Your business might not have access to a commercial TV advertising budget, but it doesn’t need to.

In some cases, social media channels have proven to have more reach and engagement than traditional television. However, in order to realise the potential in your social media, it might help to think of it as an interactive TV channel and the content you publish on it as micro TV shows.

Would you watch your social media content, or would you switch channels to something more interesting?

Here are some examples of video posts that your business could be benefitting from

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Flashbuzz is on a mission to revolutionise the way businesses in Banbury engage with their audiences on social media. We want to help your business to achieve the following with social media services in Banbury:

  • Aspire to make every post a video (Social media posts with video have 48% more views and Facebook gives you more audience data)
  • Give more people a reason to ‘tune in’ to your business and stay connected on social media
  • Use the Facebook Pixel to start creating a highly engaged custom audience for your business to use for it’s Facebook Ads

What are the benefits to a social media partnership with Flashbuzz in Banbury?

You bring the people, environments and stories from your business and Flashbuzz will act in a similar capacity to having a television production company, constructing the narrative, directing your people and capturing your business’s stories as engaging bite size content for social media.

We will help you to understand what format to publish in, what your customers are engaging with, how to target a wider audience and how to position your brand across social media channels.

What types of social media posts can my business expect in Banbury?

Your business’s social media posts will be categorised as follows:

Emotional brand posts

Emotional brand posts are brand posts that are intended to evoke consumers’ emotions. Emotional brand posts employ emotion-laden language, inspiring stories or humour and trivia to derive affective responses from consumers and are designed to establish an emotional connection with consumers. 

Functional brand posts

Functional brand posts are brand posts that highlight the functional attributes of products and services. Functional brand posts typically promote the benefits of company products and services according to performance, quality, affordability, efficiency and style criteria.

Educational brand posts

Educational brand posts are brand posts that seek to educate and inform consumers on a variety of topics. The main purpose of educational brand posts is to help consumers acquire new skills about product and service applications or learn about substantive issues involving broader industry developments.

Brand resonance posts

Brand resonance posts are brand posts that direct attention to the brand promise and identity of the focal brand. These posts highlight some of the main tropes of brand identity, such as brand image, brand personality, brand association and/or branded products.

Experiential brand posts

Experiential brand posts evoke consumers’ sensory and behavioural responses using relevant brand cues. The specific responses evoked by experiential brand posts can be either sensory, such as visual, auditory and gustatory, or behavioural, such as physical actions and embodied performances.

Current event

These brand posts focus on timely themes that capture active talking points among a given population, such as cultural events, holidays, anniversaries, and the weather/season.

Personal brand posts

Personal brand posts centre around consumers’ personal relationships, preferences and/or experiences. These brand posts invoke personally meaningful themes, such as family, friendship, personal anecdotes and/or future plans to initiate deeply personal conversations with consumers.

Employee brand posts

As the name implies, employee brand posts are brand posts about employees. Employee brand posts can span various topics, such as employees’ technical expertise, their managerial philosophies, or their personal interests, hobbies and worldviews.

Brand community posts

Brand community brand posts are brand posts aimed at promoting and strengthening the brand’s online community. These brand posts seek to recruit new members into the community, thus expanding the brand’s community base, as well as promote active participation among existing members, thus intensifying the brand community’s vibrancy. 

Customer relationship posts

These brand posts highlight issues that underpin customers’ relationship with the focal brand, such as customer services, customer testimony and customer feedback, among others. Customer relationship brand posts facilitate opportunities for the brand to solicit and learn about customers’ needs and priorities—both current and prospective. 

Cause related brand posts

Cause-related brand posts highlight socially responsive programs and initiatives supported by the focal brand. These brand posts promote worthy social causes and encourage customers and fans to support them.

Sales promotion

These are brand posts that entice consumers to take actions toward a buying decision. Typically, sales promotion brand posts comprise transactional details such as price and availability points, as well as concrete promotional offers, such as price discounts, coupons and competitions.

“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart”

Maya Angelou

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