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COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented situation to develop in the UK and around the world in response to the virus. Safeguard your business by adopting remote contingency services today.


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Use discount code ‘THIRTY70’ when enquiring and only pay 30% of the total cost now and pay the remaining 70% in 3 months.

We hope this offer will assist businesses during the current quiet period when cash flow may be a challenge and at the same time help them to build momentum in preparation for things to return to normal.

Subsidise your current lack of sales leads

Does your business generate a significant proportion of it’s leads from exhibitions, conferences and trade events? During this period of uncertainty many of these major events are being cancelled, resulting in a steep fall in sales leads.

Flashbuzz has a range of remote sales and marketing solutions to combat this loss and keep your sales pipeline looking healthy.


All of the following services can be delivered 100% remotely

Engagement through video

Now more than ever video is the best overall tool to deliver engaging messages across a wide range of channels to customers, stakeholders and employees.

Videos can take many forms from a well rehearsed company wide announcement from a CEO to a far reaching promotional video with a compelling call to action.

Communicate using webinars

If you can’t get your customers to come to you or you’re not allowed to visit your customers, why not consider communicating using a webinar?

Webinars are a great way to bring together an audience online and communicate the value in your business in a succinct and effective way.  

Explore ecommerce

Your business may have never operated an ecommerce business before but if you have a great product and loyal customers,  then you’ve already got more than half of the ingredients for success.

We will guarantee your brand, products and customer service experience are all translated to online sales.

Enhance inbound marketing

Regardless of the circumstances, good quality and engaging content can inspire your customers to reach out to you and explore the value in your products and services.

A good solid inbound marketing campaign can offer a fantastic return on investment and boasts some impressive long term benefits compared to other strategies.

Continue to resource your business by recruiting remotely

Is your business currently on a recruitment freeze but you know when things are back to normal you won’t be able to find the staff quickly enough?

Is your business currently recruiting but you’re concerned about human to human contact and exposing applicants and your own staff to uneccesary risks?

We’ve partnered up with Kai Ai to offer a solution.


Save 50% on temp agency staff

When you move away from using temporary agency staff in favour of fixed term contract flexible workers from Kai, your business can save up to 50% on agency costs without losing any of the flexibilty of a temporary contract.

Kai will manage every aspect of this transition, from sourcing and pre-qualifying staff to administering staff perks to help you attract and retain the best talent.

With our fixed term rolling contacts ranging from 1  to 23 months and no set-up costs, there couldn’t be a better time to take back contorl of your workforce.

Recruit remotely and reduce risk

How do you get around the challenge of needing to recruit new people at the same time as limiting your contact with them?

The answer is to recruit remotely using artificially intelligent proxies of your own Hiring Managers. This might sound like science fiction but our partnership with Kai Ai has made it possible and accessible to every employer.

Kai removes the need to meet unsuccessful first-round candidates and limits your real Hiring Managers exposure to second-round candidates, allowing them to focus on building raport and cultural fit.

Start building a talent pipeline now

We can help your business to overcome the challenge of surviving an unusually quiet period yet being equally prepared for higher demand when it comes.

For the price of one job board advert, Kai can set your business up with an unlimited talent pipeline of talented candidates to fill your roles when they become available.

You wouldn’t wait until your sales pipeline ran dry before you started topping it up, so why not do the same for your talent?


Innovative thinking

We have taken a tough business challenge and designed some innovative ways to overcome it.

Strategic approach

Every project we work on is carefully designed to allign with your own business strategy.

Risk adverse

Every risk we take is highly calculated and assessed to ensure minimum risk and maximum return.

Looking for a unique campaign?

If your business has a unique long term requirement for any variation of the services mentioned above, we would be delighted to discuss your individual requirements with you.

Brands we’ve worked with and what they say

Rob from Flashbuzz is an enthusiastic innovator with a down to earth “let’s get it done” mentality. His work for Antycip Simulation has been excellent, with rapid turnaround, great project management, and an abundance of creative (and practical) ideas I’ve also seen his work with Zeezi, and the man can communicate – getting a complex concept over in a simple to grasp manner. If you need someone to bring strategic or tactical innovation, be that business thinking or creative execution, Rob is a great first call.

Frank Reynolds

European Marketing Manager, Antycip Simulation

As the recruiter at HelloFresh, I used to spend hours a week calling applicants with a very low contact rate. With Kai, applicants have the convenience to apply and interview on their terms and at a time that suits them best. We now have a higher success rate with high volume recruitment.”

Ruth Draper

HR Co-ordinator, Hello Fresh

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