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Flashbuzz specializes in producing bespoke property and construction videos for clients in the property and construction sector. Our clients choose us because we have the experience, expertise and equipment to bring their ideas to life in video.

What is a property and constuction video?

A property and construction video is a video that has been specifically shot for a client in either the property or construction sector using specialised video equipment that lends itself to capturing both large structures and the fine details contained within those structures.

We’ve worked with the following brands

What equipment might we use to make a property and construction video?

Overbury PLC

Overbury asked us to produce a property and construction video to demonstrate their safe working procedures during COVID-19. Following social distancing guidelines ourselves, we produced this video that allowed Overbury to continue to deliver projects.

Antycip Simulation

Antycip Simulation are experts in delivering virtual reality and simulation projects but needed a property and construction video to showcase the benefits of their defence and business clients visiting their demonstration Hub in person.

Tugo Food Systems Ltd

Tugo had recently spent a significant amount of money building their impressive development kitchen and wanted their own customer service staff to appear in their property and construction video and help to officially launch it. 

The Sun Inn

The Sun Inn at Hook Norton had recently undergone a refurbishment and the Landlord wanted to showcase the new look and feel in one of our property and construction videos. Since they released the video, business has been booming!

Looking for Antiques

Looking for Antiques a new e-commerce website was looking for a property and construction video to help them showcase to interior designers some of their new online services. What better way to showcase them then having your customers appear in your video?

The Castle at Edgehill

The Landlord at the Castle at Edgehill wanted to produce a property and construction video to help his pub appeal to both recreational diners and business clients. Since working with Flashbuzz the Castle at Edghill has been going from strength to strength.

Glamping Thorpe

The Founder of Glamping Thorpe wanted to produce a property and construction video in order to intorduce his new quirky glamping establishment to the intention of potential corporate events, birthdays, hen and stag dos. 

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