Is there space in your business for a full service media partner?

Marketing agency & video production retainer

At Space Video Marketing we don't just make videos, we also provide the following services to businesses on a retainer basis:

  • Marketing consultancy
  • Digital marketing services
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Web design

If your business could benefit from quick and easy access to these types of services then perhaps an on-going retainer with Space Video Marketing might be the best solution to help grow your business?

How much does a marketing agency and video production retainer with Space cost?

There is no fixed cost to having an on-going retainer with Space and we offer a wide variety of options to suit every budget. You simply tell us your budget and in return for a fixed monthly retainer payment, your business will be issued with a certain number of credits to spend as and when you need work completed on a monthly basis. All of our services are clearly outlined and the time and amount of credits required for service is 100% transparent.

What happens if my business needs more work completed one month than we have credits for?

Very simply, your business can purchase credits on a pay as you go basis for those times of the year when more creative services are required, for example when a new product is launched or when your business needs to resource a growth spurt.


What happens if my business does not use the credits from one month, can we carry them into another month?

That last thing that your business would want is to purchase more credits for services than it requires, that's why Space will work with your business to ensure that you only purchase the credits that you are confident you will need to grow your business and that your business is lean enough to increase your bottom line.

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