Intelligent, low cost and scalable lead generation

using kick-ass content to drive customers through marketing automation tools

How can Flashbuzz generate your business new customers?

Our solutions start from only £99 + VAT/month. That’s more than you’d pay your own staff to complete stage one below.

  • Requires no internal knowledge of marketing automation

  • Requires zero internal staff time

  • Can be fully automated to deliver results 24 hours a day 7 days a week

“I don’t have the time to faff about with technology myself, I just want results. I want to control my spend and I also want full visibility of all the results so I can measure the ROI”

Sound familiar? It’s by listening to customers like you that Flashbuzz designed it’s marketing automation services and it’s you that will continue to shape the future of them.

We work with businesses from a wide variety of different sectors but they all share the same sentiment. They want control and they want things to work right out of the box.

Grab a pen and paper, we’re going to reveal the answer to winning new customers online!

Stage one – Content Creation: give new customers a reason to look up and pay attention to your brand

We do this by either using your existing content or creating new content for you that is exciting, engaging to watch and stands out from your competition. If you get this stage wrong then the whole process fails so it’s essential your content is fit for purpose.

 If you’re producing your own content already, amazing! If not then Flashbuzz has a range of content solutions to suit all budgets.

Your brand content
Flashbuzz content

Stage Two – Business Promotion: Choose the right channel or channels to share it on

Different audiences tend to gravitate towards different platforms for different reasons and audiences are made up of complex factors like age, gender, employment, financial means and political view points to name but a few.

Picking the correct channel, the best content for that channel and the best way to frame your brand in the messaging of that content is essential to unlocking success.

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Stage THREE – Marketing Automation: choose the right marketing automation tools to collect customer data

Marketing automation technology has progressed at an insane rate over the last 18 months and now AI can provide the same level of customer experience as a human being without the overheads of employing staff in some of these roles.

Flashbuzz has mastered these tools and we can help your business to tailor the online customer experience with your brand to be so seamless and relevent to your customer’s wants and needs that they feel safe and confident handing over their data to you.

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Stage four – Customer Engagement: With their permission, send meaningful marketing material about your products and services directly to them at no additional cost

Why pay twice for the same customer? If you’re not collecting customer data and sending meaningful marketing material to customers that are clearly interested in your brand using low cost channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email or SMS then you may as well be setting fire to your cash in a bin outside your office.

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If you’re targeting the right clients on the right channels and your marketing is meaningful and engaging…you will convert people into paying customers

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