How to make a social media ad for your business on a budget

Sometimes if you’re on a budget it’s hard to imagine producing a high quality video advert for your business, especially if you don’t have the equipment or expertise to produce it yourself. Fear not though, this week we produced an advert for a brand in only half a day, including editing it and we’re going to tell you how you can make an ad on a budget too.

The trick to producing an ad on a budget is to reduce the costs involved and the time it takes to make and if you follow our top tips then you’ll be churning out quality video ads for your business with little to no budget quicker than you can say…ACTION!

Reduce the people involved in producing a social media video ad for your business

When we filmed our ad for Fine Fettle this week we were told the budget was small but the ambitions were big to tell a story about the brand. Damo4Show one of the influencers in our network and a friend of Flashbuzz is a brand ambassador for Fine Fettle and told us “I want you to produce a video ad for Fine Fettle that encourages people to reconnect with nature and that positions the brand as the perfect organic and wholesome partner to help people to do just that.”

Knowing that the budget was small, we suggested a one person crew acting as both Director and Camera Operator and Damo playing the lead role in our story. By reducing the people involved in the production to only two, one talent and one crew, we immediately cut the labour costs of the project significantly. This is a common approach taken at Flashbuzz because it allows more budget to be spent on talent, costumes, props, locations etc.

Reduce the time involved in producing a social media video ad for your business

At Flashbuzz we’re used to thinking on our feet and being able to operate with a storyboard in our heads, therefore reducing the pre-production time which in turn helps to reduce the overall production budget.

In fact the whole pre-production process for this ad consisted of one conversation with Damo and a second conversation in the car on the way to our filming location. We appreciate that this isn’t going to be possible for everybody, as a lot of people may not have the same ability to visualise a sequence, but if there is someone in your team with these skills then now might be the perfect time to give them a shot at making a video.

For this particular ad we arrived on set at 10:00am, we wrapped up at 12:30pm and the edit was completed at 14:45pm the same day, not bad ehh!

Reduce the cost involved in producing a social media video ad for your business

Why not have a go at producing your own video ad for your business. Even if you don’t end up using it, it’s a great learning and team building experience. You will have a much better appreciation for what’s involved in the video production process and you’ll be better placed to write a creative brief for a video production company like Flashbuzz afterwards.

If you do decide to have a go yourself, then we have some great tips for producing your own videos in our Free Guide to Growing Your Business With Video and we even offer DIY video production courses for both businesses and individuals. 

Also consider using a location close to your workplace like we did, we’re based in Banbury, Oxfordshire and Adderbury Lakes, the filming location we used for this ad is only 5 miles away. If you have a cool looking office or other facilities try incorporating those into your video as well.

Lastly if this all sounds like too much hard work or you have a video budget, then why not reach out to Flashbuzz and discuss your video brief with us. We’d be more than happy to help and we have video production packages to suit nearly every budget. 

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