Custom Web Applications

If you are in the market for a custom web application, then Flashbuzz can provide a comprehensive end to end solution to meet your exact project requirements. We have a wealth of experience developing innovative and highly agile custom web applications and understand the entire development journey.

Advantages Of Using A Custom Web Application:

Ease Of Use:

Under the bonnet of your custom web application there will be an advanced and complex network of systems designed to bring your concept to life. However, on the surface your custom web application should appear simple, intuitive and easy to use.

This is not always easy to achieve but we pride ourselves on taking the complexity and hiding it away so all users can embrace a system that is simple to pick up and easy to fall in love with.

Automatic Updates:

Once your custom web application has been developed, we will build in systems that will allow it to constantly evolve by feeding it new data automatically so you can be rest assured that your custom web application will always be up to date and ready to meet the needs of your business.

Money Matters:

There are several fundamental things that we can build into your custom web application to ensure your business is running both efficiently and economically.

We will incorporate enterprise level security to ensure that your business does not fall victim to any costly and potentially brand damaging data breaches.

We will choose an efficient hosting solution to ensure that your custom web application is not taking up unnecessary space on your internal systems and that is scalable enough to mitigate against unwanted downtime.

Site Management:

Your business can take responsibility for as much or as little to do with the site management of your custom web application as you desire. Flashbuzz has a 70 strong team of expert web developers, project managers and administrators that are at your disposal if you so wish.

Why Flashbuzz?

We understand custom web applications and we have built them for many clients and for our own business. We understand the planning, people and systems that go into developing them and we also understand the needs to always put ourselves in the position of the end user, arguably the most important people to your business.

  • Our tailor-made solutions offer you everything you need to launch a custom web application
  • Our team of creative experts are always on hand to ensure the project is on track to meet your requirement.
  • Our team use world-class tools that help in improving quality along with time management.
  • Our business analyst will be in contact with you to ensure the team has covered everything you need.
  • Our solutions include corrections and maintenance if in case of any errors.

Custom web application services that Flashbuzz can offer:

We have got you covered when you hire us as your custom web application development experts. Our unique services are,


  • We offer a dedicated expert with well-versed experience to handle all aspects of your project.
  • We use the best-in-the-industry development practices to ensure your application at the very least meets your expectations
  • Through a systematic approach, we understand the existing infrastructure and requirements of our clients and plan and develop applications that add value to their business, increase the performance, are efficient and leverage the full potential of technology to deliver revenue.