Creative Facilitation Workshops in Banbury

We are professionally trained creative facilitators based in Banbury that know exactly how to get the best out of your people, environments and processes in order to unlock the creative potential in your business. With a creative workshop run by some of the most talented facilitators in the UK, you can help your business to work smarter, be leaner and reach its true growth potential.

Our creative facilitators based in Banbury have trained three UK Government Department’s in-house facilitator teams and run workshops with a number of high profile British businesses.

The value of creative facilitation in Banbury

Whether your business has actively sought to nurture one or not, it would have developed its very own culture that you and your colleagues will potentially unknowingly abide by. This culture for better or worse will subconsciously dictate the way people talk to each other in the business, it’s customers and the way your staff conduct themselves on a day to day basis.

This can simply be confirmed by asking yourself, ‘is there a certain way of working in our business, are we expected to dress or behalf in a certain way and is some behaviour rewarded whilst other behaviour is frowned upon?’ If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you know this because of your company’s culture.

The issue arises when the way your business needs to think, act or behave in order to innovate, move forward or grow might be in contrary to its embedded culture. That’s the value of a good creative facilitator, we know how to guide the people, environment and processes involved to help you work outside of the limitations of your company culture and achieve your growth potential.

How our Banbury workshops work

Creativity is not chaos like some might think. It is the act of people, environments and processes working in perfect harmony with each other and this balance has been proven and tested time and time again by artists, composers, musicians and entrepreneurs. However, if you break these people, environments and processes down to a formula it is possible to employ this formula whenever you need it inside a business and that is what we do.

We can help you with every aspect of running a successful workshop in Banbury including:

·        Help you to decide on the right project brief

·        Help you decide how best to measure success

·        Facilitate insight gathering exercises

·        Invite the right people to take part in your workshop

·        Help participants to break out of their own river of thinking

·        Help you to choose the right environment

·        Co-ordinate 3rd party participants in your workshops

·        Design the best format of workshop to obtain the desired results

·        Measure the impact of your ideas against the project brief

Increase revenue with a fantastic ROI

Creative Facilitation workshops offer a fantastic return on investment. A business will not simply obtain the invaluable insights and ideas delivered as a result of running a workshop but they are also great team building experiences.

Creative Facilitator Training in


If your business is interested in training its own creative facilitators to sit within your own business in Banbury to support and nurture on-going innovation, then we have a comprehensive creative facilitator training course that we offer. 

Our creative facilitators have worked with the following brands

  • Met Office
  • Hadley Centre
  • NHS
  • EDF Energy
  • NATS (National Air Traffic Service)
  • Department for Trade & Investment
  • What?If!
  • The So Team
  • Zeezi 

Our creative facilitators have worked on the following projects

  • Heathrow airport temporary runway sensors

  • The national commercial aircraft de-icing service

  • Johnny Zero – 3D cartoon series

  • My Climate & Me – Celebrity led web series

  • Recruitment made Zeezi

  • Kai AI affiliate marketing network

  • Super-Stache – fake beards & moustaches

  • Met Office international aviation products