We're casting for two actors for a tech startup company based in Banbury

Casting in Banbury

Tech/Lifestyle Vlogger

  • Male/Female
  • 18-30
  • Intelligent
  • Bubbly personality
  • Passionate about tech/lifestyle

This character is vlogging on behalf of her well established tech/lifestyle vlog about a new recruitment startup company that she's discovered and is passionate about telling its story to her followers.

Mature Professor of Economics

  • Male/Female
  • 35-70
  • Intelligent
  • Has presence
  • Sense of humour

This character is explaining the business model behind a new tech startup company on a chalkboard/whiteboard in a classroom or similar.

Filming will take place in a studio in or around Oxford in April and will be completed in one day. A one of fee of £200 plus expenses will be paid for each role.