APPLY NOW the recruitment documentary

Recruitment doesn’t make any sense?

Rob has probably applied for more jobs than most over the years, having held positions ranging from a creative coach to a fishmonger and policeman. However with all of these varied experiences under his belt, one thought remained constant, ‘it doesn’t make any sense applying for jobs? The process takes too long, there are two many points where the process fails and the current currency of CVs is outdated!”

After years of being bugged by this, Rob is now attempting to answer the next logical question that follows this thought, ‘if you could reinvent the recruitment process from scratch today, how would you do it?’

In search of the perfect solution and with his technology business Kai Ai at his disposal, Rob will speak to job seekers, employers and even Government in search for answers. But is he up to the job?

As part of this documentary we are creating an experimental space to explore new ways for employers to engage and recruit staff

As part of this documentary we are seeking to set-up a number of locations in our home town of Banbury, Oxfordshire that will act as a vision and test bed for how recruitment might look in the future. These locations will use smartphone technology and artificial intelligence to allow job seekers to apply for jobs directly with employers. 

All applicants will receive an instant decision regarding their application and will be offered either a commitment from an employer for a start date, face to face interview or induction day or they will be put in touch with a local training provider to help them gain the skills or experience to come back and try again.

Be part of APPLY NOW the documentary

Would you like to take part in this ground breaking documentary and help to reinvent the way businesses employ staff? We are looking to hear from all stakeholders in the recruitment industry, so no matter whether you’re an employer or job seeker, if you have a story to tell and an appetite for change, we want to hear from you. 

Simply complete the form below and tell us a little about yourself or your business. We may invite you to participate in some filming which will be published online and may make it into the final documentary.

If you’re an employer this could be great exposure for your business, positioning you as a progressive employer in your industry. If you’re a landlord of some commercial property in Banbury, Oxfordshire then you could possible help us to host our experimental space.