Check out my latest vlog with 3 tips for creative people on how to share ideas at work with colleagues

Tip 1: Sometimes bad ideas are really useful to break the ice

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you share your idea? People might laugh in your face or run out of the room screaming? Test the water with an awful idea as a practise run, laugh it off and get the nerves out of the way before you share your real idea.

Tip 2: Practice telling someone unrelated to work about your idea first

They say practise makes perfect don’t they? Don’t leave the delivery of your idea to chance, practise telling someone else about it first before you tell people at work. If you get the delivery right then you’re more than half way there!

Tip 3: Tell your work colleagues that you would like to structure the feedback you are asking for

People will default to telling why your idea won’t work in order to demonstrate their seniority or experience. Anticipate this and say that you only want to hear the reasons why your idea could work or people’s ideas on how to improve it before you hear the reasons why it might not work.


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