Professional Video Production & Videographers

Flashbuzz offers highly professional video production & videographers to businesses that understand the importance of their brand storytelling and connecting with it’s customers. We have produced corporate, training and advertising videos for some of the UK’s biggest companies and we have extensive experience working closely with Brand and Marketing Managers to produce videos that engage and convert.

The clips that were delivered are just magnificent! Dan and gave an awesome demo and it was all captured beautifully! I hope I can do justice. The cameraman did a fantastic job – I can learn a thing or two from this pro
Ofer Tamir

U.S Product Marketing Manager , VT MAK

Flexible Video Production & Videographers

We understand that in today’s demanding world of multiple social media platforms, fast turnaround times and fickle audience’s, a brand needs to be flexible more than ever. We offer flexible video production & videographer solutions to work seamlessly within the constraints of your project and time frames. No matter what your projectthe number of partners involvement or complexity of your challenge, we will be able to design a video production & videographer solution to meet your needs


Fast Video Production & Videographers

Sometimes a business will have an urgent requirement for video, for example if an opportunity to tender for a large contract comes up and you might need to move with pace in order to secure the contract. In this instance you need a video production company that can take the initiative and run with a video at short notice. Flashbuzz would love to be that video production company and we are experienced at turning videos around fast at extremely short notice.

Low Cost Video Production & Videographers

At Flashbuzz we set about creating a video production company that was designed from the ground up to offer highly professional video production at a price that businesses of any size could afford. We achieve this by operating a lean business that employs highly professional multi-skilled people who work fast and efficiently. That means it takes a smaller crew less time to produce your video that other video production companies might be able to.

The Video Production Process

It is important to us that our clients understand the video production process as this will help to ensure that our videos meet your expectations and that all video projects are completed on time and in budget. There are 4 stages in the video production process and although these individually can take days on longer video projects, equally we have been known to complete all 4 stages in a day when a client needed a polished video quickly.

Stage One: Pre-Production

This is the stage that sets the groundwork for everything else that comes afterwards. In pre-production we will turn the business need into a creative brief that will tell a story on camera complete with music, lighting, sound and possibly graphics or animation. You might already have some ideas for a creative brief or we can generate these for you, whichever way you would prefer to work. It is in this stage that we will identify what actors or presenters will be in the video, what props they might need and where and what time they will need to be there. If actors or presenters need a script then it is in this stage that this will be written and a list of shots and storyboards and a logistical document called a ‘call sheet’ might be produced if required.

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Stage Two: Production

This is the stage when the cast and crew will physically meet on location(s) and run through the script, shot list and storyboards, filming all the content that the editor will require to create a finished video in the editing suite. If the pre-production stage has been completed effectively then production should run smoothly and any costly delays can be avoided.

Stage Three: Post Production

Post production is the stage dominated by the editor who will take all the shots filmed and sounds recorded during the production process and combine them with music, graphics and possibly animation to produce a finished video.

Stage Four: Distribution

This final stage involves distributing the finished video in a way that aligns with the original business needs and may involve promotion in the form of advertising, content syndication, content curation or influencer outreach.


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