Okay I’ve produced a kick-ass video, but how do I use it to engage new customers and drive sales without spending more money?

There is a name for this and it’s called digital marketing and although it might sound intimidating, in fact it’s a relatively straight forward process built upon the simple concept of telling people about your video and increasing the likelihood of people seeing it. If you’re already looking for ways to promote your video them we can safely assume that your video has already been designed to engage new and existing customers and therefore this is something that will not be covered here. However if you are looking for someone to help you produce low cost yet highly professional and engaging video, Space Video Marketing would be delighted to work with your business.

Publish your video on YouTube or Vimeo

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Think about it, people love video and prefer to be shown an answer rather than being told about it.

If you publish your video on YouTube or Vimeo using well chosen keywords in the title, then customers searching for your product or service will be presented with your video when they search for a topic related to your business i.e. a video entitled ‘Why we are the best vegan burger restaurant in London’ will likely rank for a search by a potential customer using the words ‘best vegan burger restaurant London’.

Also if you create a channel and those customers subscribe, they will be automatically receive notifications relating to any future videos you produce.

Promote your video on social media

You might already use social media for personal use but have you considered using it to promote your business?


LinkedIn is the most B2B focused social media platform of them all but can still be used effectively for B2C. LinkedIn recently added the functionality to upload native video straight to LinkedIn so now is a great time to use LinkedIn to promote your video to other businesses and customers.

You can also join groups related to your industry on LinkedIn, and if you’ve invested in video then the members of that group are likely to appreciate the time that you’ve taken to explore their topic of interest and view or hopefully even share it.


You can open your own business page on Facebook and this is a good place to start publishing your video, but if you don’t have a large following yet, remember you can also share the video published on your business page on your personnel profile and encourage your friends and family to do the same. If you have something to give away free e.g. if you are a restaurant business, a free meal if people like or share your video, then you are likely to get more video views for little to no cost to your business.


You can also directly upload video to Twitter and use #’s as a way of tagging your video for people that might be interested in viewing it e.g. if your video is about a new sports trainer that your business has recently launched to market then you might consider using the #’s #trainer #sports #running etc to highlight to people searching for these #’s that your video is relevant.


Instagram tells us that a picture says a thousand words, so how many words does a video say? If your video is below 60 seconds in length, then it is tailor made for Instagram or you can even make an Instagram cut from your original edit. #’s are also a great way of showing potential customers that your video is relevant to them.


Although you can’t directly upload video to Pinterest you can ‘pin’ a video from popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Alternatively you can also use some of the individual frames from your video as promotional pics and take people directly to your video landing page.


If you are using YouTube to host your videos then it’s only a click of a button to post to Google+ if you have a business page connected. Posting videos to your Google+ page will also increase your videos visibility on Google.

Send an email containing your video to your customers

If you are not already collecting email address from your customers on your website then you out to be and MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools available. If someone has consented to giving you their email address, then chances are that as long as the content of that email is interesting and relevant, then your email will be well received. They also say that it’s easier to retain a customer than it is to win a new one so get emailing!

Place your video on your website

Your website will undoubtedly see some amount of daily traffic and if your video is not in pride of place on your homepage or product or service page, then you are missing a trick. By displaying relevant video on your website you are achieving two things, you are pleasing Google and increasing your chances of ranking higher in search result pages and when customers do land on your website, you are demonstrating that your business has invested in marketing and is putting it’s best foot forward.

Reach out to influencers in your industry or geographical area

Start by making a list of all the people in your industry or local area that if were to talk publicly about your business, would likely have some positive impact on it e.g. increasing traffic to your website or encouraging people to follow you on social media. Once you have this list of ‘influencers’ you can start approaching them about your video and inquiring politely as to whether they think it would be of any interest to their audience or followers. Try looking to bloggers, vloggers, celebrities and journalists for inspiration.

For a more detailed explanation on how influencer outreach works see our influencer outreach blog post.

Submit your video to a social curation service

Social curation is a means of curating or grouping together content i.e articles, photos or videos that might be of interest to certain groups of people. One of the oldest social curation sites is Reddit were users vote with a thumbs up or down, and the more thumbs up an article receives the more popular it will become. Newer social curation sites include Pinterest or Tumblr and can be a very effective means to reach a new audience, just as long as your video is entertaining, informative and relevant.

Write a press release about your video and send it to the local paper or media outlets

Probably one of the oldest but no less effective means of promoting your video is packaging it up in the form of a press release and sending it directly to a journalist or media outlets. The trick to success is two parts, you will firstly need an engaging video that is relevant to your journalist’s audience and secondly you will need a carefully crafted and creative press release that really sells your video as a story.

Blog about your video

If you haven’t already got a blog on your website you need one. A blog is a great way of adding new content and keywords to your website that will both increase the chances of your website appearing in search results pages and will give you something to post to social media and email your customers about. If your blog is designed for a specific audience and your blog posts are interesting and engaging, then people will follow it and soon your blog could become the biggest sources of traffic to your website.

If you need help producing engaging customer videos or promoting them then we would love to help.

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