What is influencer outreach?

Basically influencer outreach  is the process of creating some content, be that video, graphics or copy (words) and approaching an established Blogger or Vlogger who has a substantial following in your industry and convincing them that their audience are interested in hearing about it.

Banbury and Oxfordshire case study: Super-Stache fake beards and moustaches

There two main advantages to your business of a Blogger or Vlogger choosing to write or talk about your content. Firstly, it is likely to generate significant traffic to a webpage on your website, assuming that a Blogger or Vlogger is well established and secondly, if that Blogger or Vlogger kindly includes a link to your webpage, then that link is likely to generate, what some describe as ‘link juice’ that will have a positive impact on your website’s domain authority.

Super-Stache is an Oxfordshire based manufacturer and e-commerce website selling fake beards and fake moustaches and also happens to be a client of Space Video Marketing. Every year October is the busiest month for Super-Stache because this is when Halloween falls and more than any other time of the year, people are in the market for a fake beard or fake moustache.

How to sell a product without overtly selling it?

Now like any other e-commerce site selling a product, it faces a challenge. Simply approaching a Blogger or Vlogger and asking them to talk about your product is not going to cut the mustard nowadays. That is because, like any other entertainment channel, blogs and vlogs have to be selective about the topics they write or talk about, as at the end of the day they have an audience to panda to and unless your product is the latest smartphone, it is unlikely that on its own your product will be interesting enough for a Blogger of Vlogger to write or talk about on its own merits.

Influencer outreach is all about being creative

In order to do influencer outreach effectively, it requires a certain amount of creativity to think of ways to engage Bloggers and Vloggers to write and talk about your brand in a way that connects that Blogger or Vlogger’s audience with your product but also provides them with an entertaining topic to engage their audience with.

So when we were  asked to deliver influencer outreach services for Super-Stache, we had to think of a creative way to engage Bloggers and Vloggers, whilst also raising the profile of Super-Stache‘s products. We came up with the idea of producing an infographic on ‘how to make your own Halloween fake beard’, providing step-by-step instructions on how you could make your own beard at home. We knew that this infographic would appeal to Bloggers and Vloggers both with an audience in the fancy dress and cosplay world, but also in the potentially more substantial world of craft. We also knew that an infographic is a very shareable piece of content that lends itself to both a blog and social media. The trick of course was not only to get Bloggers and Vloggers to share the infographic, but also to provide some reason for their audience to then visit the Super-Stache website.

Bloggers and Vloggers love infographics

That’s why when we created the infographic, we also advertised the fact that Super-Stache on its website, was also offering a fake beard outline template to download for free. By including this additional content in the step-by-step instructions, we were pointing people directly at the Super-Stache website towards some extra value added free content.

By doing this we are also increasing the chances of converting some of that traffic into a sale of a fake beard on the Super-Stache website. When people arrive on the Super-Stache website to download the free beard outline template, they are also presented with an attractive option to skip these steps involved in making your own beard and instead, simply purchase one of Super-Stache’s conveniently ready-made fake Halloween beards.

The final step in the influencer outreach process for Super stache now, is for Space Video Marketing on Super-Stache’s behalf, to reach out to Bloggers and Vloggers and to make them aware of the infographic and request that they kindly reference the super stache webpage ‘How to make a fake beard’.  To achieve this, we will use hashtags on social media relating to Halloween, fancy dress or craft making in order to make the infographic visible to possible interested Bloggers and Vloggers. In addition to  social media, Space Video Marketing also has the tools to search online and identify key influencers that are likely to engage with our infographic.  Once these key influencers have been identified, we will email them directly, providing them with all the information they require to write a compelling blog or vlog on ‘How to make a Halloween fake beard’.

If you would like to find out how this particular influencer outreach campaign delivered results for Super-Stache then check back in with the Space Video Marketing blog in a couple of weeks and we will share in detail the analytics of this particular campaign.

Get in touch

If you are a business based in Banbury or Oxfordshire and are interested in finding out how influencer outreach can help your business to connect with more customers online, then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to share some more influencer outreach examples with you and discuss how influencer outreach in Banbury and Oxfordshire can be applied to your business.

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