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Episode One

TWD’s Lindsley Register

We’re casting for episode 2

Casting for episode 2

Russ Hope – Chef Zombie

Glyn – Sound & X Producer

When we sat down to design our next video marketing campaign we thought to ourselves, this time we want to do something special, we want to engage the local community and help to promote our fellow local businesses.

Being a creative bunch, we decided to start creating a parallel universe where Banbury had been overrun by a zombie apocalypse that had originated from the tunnels that run underneath the town.

We’re currently engaging with a whole bunch of amazing local stakeholders, young and old, to bring the Banbury Zombie Apocalypse to life. We will be filming in Aug 2020 in and around the town on-site with local business owners and members of the public who have kindly volunteered as a hoard of talented Zombie actors and eye witnesses.

If you’ve got a local business, a love of zombie movies or want to make some new friends then why not get involved. Everybody’s welcome.

Want to find out more about the project, why we’re doing it and who we think it will benefit?

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Banbury Zombie Apocalypse

We’re looking for:

  • Local business owners
  • Zombie actors
  • Producer
  • Casting Department
  • Costume Department
  • Catering Department
  • Under 18 Support Services
  • Various Runners

Get in Touch

If you’d like to speak to us about the Banbury Zombie Apocalypse, we’d love to hear from you.

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